And you swear there aren't tiny aliens inside?
Polish Mint Creates A Levitating, Glow In The Dark Coin

Produced by the Mint Of Poland (Mennica Polska), the UFO MP-1766 is billed as the first “flying coin”, with the ability to levitate atop a special base. The coin actually has a tiny motor inside, which spins and allows it to hover thanks to the magnetic field generated by the base. That’s cool. The Mint Of Poland, which is actually a private company but mints the nation’s coins, had to collaborate with the Bank of Cameroon to produce the coin, since the company can’t just introduce Polish currency on its own without the government’s approval. The official denomination of the coin is 1,766 Cameroonian francs (~$3), but will sell for significantly more when the mint offers them for sale this spring. I must have one, whatever the cost. Will I find myself at rock bottom trying to use it to try to buy a lotto scratcher at the corner store? If my previously prized collection of $2 bills is any indication, it’s only a matter of time.