I could watch this all day.
Infinite LEGO Domino Knock Over And Pick Up Machine

Domino runs: it’s only the knocking them over part that’s fun. The setting up part is tedious and stressful, and usually (at least in my case) ends with a premature demolition and sadness. Built by LEGO builder Grant Davis using LEGO Technics parts, this machine will infinitely set up and knock over a line of giant LEGO dominos. The system is actually a lot more complicated than you might think, including magnets to keep the dominos from falling too far away to prevent being re-erected. Grant says he plans to make a future version with a curved track so it could potentially be an infinitely falling loop. Now that would be cool. Not that this isn’t, it just definitely has room for improvement. Not unlike my attitude.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees there is nothing you can’t build with enough LEGO.