Heck yeah, Godzilla, atomic breath my boogies.
Finally, A Godzilla Bust Tissue Dispenser

This is the officially licensed Godzilla bust tissue dispenser made by Japanese company Rotary Hero. The box is designed to be displayed vertically, and the tissue next in line for use appears almost as if it’s smoke billowing from Godzilla’s mouth. I like how they spelled out GODZILLA on the box too to make the most of their official licensing and make it clear this ain’t just some dinosaur. Unfortunately for anyone interested who isn’t growing a money tree under a light in their closet like weed, the boxes have already sold out in retail stores and are going for over $100 on eBay. But really, can you put a price on– “Being able to masturbate to your tissue box?” Exaaac– wait, what?!