I always wanted to do that.
Kid Rides Baggage Conveyor Belt Into Sorting Machine At Airport

This is some security cam footage from the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport of a 9-year old riding a baggage conveyor belt into a sorting machine while his family and employees were distracted checking bags. Some more details while I wish I’d done this myself as a child:

Airport spokesperson Pat Hogan said the 9-year-old boy was not injured when police found him in the baggage system. Hogan said it happened early Saturday afternoon as a group of about 20 people were checking bags for a trip they were taking together.

“Among them was a 9-year-old child who dove onto the bag belt as it left the ticketing lobby to go down into where all the conveyors separate the bags to wherever they’re going to go to the proper airplane,” Hogan said.

“There was a lot of confusion because there were so many people in the group,” he said. “They were all checking their bags and putting their own bags on the conveyors, so it took a second for them to realize he was missing — but as soon as they did people sprang into action and the police were able to find him quickly.”

Police found him less than five minutes after he was reported missing, presumably because one of them was smart enough to realize what every kid dreams of when they see those conveyor belts. Also, I’m pretty sure a new Home Alone movie just wrote itself in which Kevin has to thwart the Wet Bandits from ordering $24 airport cheeseburgers and getting on a plane without paying for them.