Jesus take the wheel.
Launching A Car Off Ramp Into Giant Mud Puddle

This is a video of some countryfolk presumably filming the climax of a low budget Dukes Of Hazzard fan film to play at the next line dance and launching a convertible off a ramp into a giant mud puddle they made just for the occasion. Obviously, I’m more than a little disappointed they didn’t invite me to try to surf the hood of the car during the jump. Because I would have done that. As far as bad ideas I’ve had goes, that’s not even in the top 25th percentile. And if all my bad ideas were expressed in a bell curve, it would be shaped like a penis, and this idea would be near the balls.


Respect the commitment, landing was alittle front end heavy, but helmets add a point. 8/10. Via: marlin_branton/IG

♬ original sound – Barstool Outdoors

Note: Video HERE in case your browser doesn’t want you getting any ideas.

Thanks again to JustA, who agrees everyone spends their weekends differently.