Well, I know what I'm having for second lunch.
Man Extends Own World Record, Has Eaten 34,128 Big Macs

Combining themes from the two previous posts (world records and food), 70-year old Don Gorske (who looks like a Beatle that wandered into a McDonald’s and never left, eventually becoming manager) has extended his own Most Big Macs Eaten Guinness World Record, stretching the number of burgers he’s consumed to 34,128. Gorske says he eats an average of about two per day. Some words of wisdom from the Burger King himself:

The biggest lesson that Donald has learned throughout his pursuit has been to keep spare Big Macs in the freezer because he can’t depend on McDonalds being open in a blizzard. “The advice I’d give someone who would like to challenge my record title is ‘don’t’. I’ll be dead before you could even challenge it. I’m blessed with a high metabolism and good health which allow me to eat Big Macs without gaining a lot of weight. I might be the only person alive who could eat Big Macs every day without ill effects.” Donald has tried other burgers but in his opinion nothing matches the mighty Big Mac.

Hahahha, “I might be the only person alive who can eat Big Macs every day without ill effects.” Dude thinks he’s some sort of fast food eating superhero. That’s a weird flex. Of course this is a man who’s taken it upon himself to eat the world record number of Big Macs, so it only makes sense his perception of reality is skewed.