Safety last.
Man Pulled Over For Replacing Driver’s Seat With Folding Lawn Chair

Because Florida Man does occasionally leave the country, a man in Ontario, Canada was recently pulled over by police because “something seemed off about the vehicle’s driver’s seat,” and officers discovered the driver had replaced the new model Ford Escape’s original seat with a folding lawn chair. Why? I’m not sure, but possibly because he’s Santa and the steering wheel was rubbing his belly.

Just when you think you have seen it all. Yes that’s the drivers “seat”.

Our Traffic Officers stopped this unfit vehicle this morning on Appleby Line.

Licence plates removed, car towed, and driver summonsed to court for Unsafe Vehicle and Seatbelt Inoperative

That’s cool, but if you’re going to replace your driver’s seat with a folding lawn chair you might as well go all the way and replace the center console with a charcoal grill. Just make sure you’re cooking and rest your elbow on it because *rolling up shirt sleeve to reveal grill marks* I’m medium rare now.

Keep going for a shot of the car’s exterior.

Thanks to Jeremy K, who