So this isn't a drive-thru is what you're telling me.
Naked Man Arrested After Driving Car Through Grocery Store

Because there’s very little else to do on a Thursday night in Columbia Falls, Montana, a nude man on drugs was recently arrested after driving his car through the doors of a grocery store, presumably realizing he’d passed the parking lot, then turning around and leaving the way he entered (I’m at least impressed he was able to do that and not make another hole in the wall). The man was later apprehended by police on foot after running naked through the halls of a retirement home. This all checks out. Some details while I realize maybe I’ve got my life together more than I give myself credit for:

The man is accused of driving through the front doors of a Super 1 Foods in Columbia Falls Thursday night and continuing to drive through the store before turning around and driving out the way he had entered, police said.
No one was injured in the grocery store. The front doors were destroyed, and cans of Pepsi were scattered around the entrance.

“Cans of Pepsi were scattered around the entrance.” Haha, who cares about the Pepsi — as long as the Coke is okay. Unsurprisingly, when reached for comment about the arrest, local police were baffled how Florida Man managed to make the 2,500-mile trip to Montana without any prior incidents.

Keep going for a shakey video shot by an employee.