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New 8-Inch Taller ‘Can Opener Bridge’ Claims The Roof Of A Speeding Truck

This is a video of the Norfolk Southern–Gregson Street Overpass (aka 11-Foot-8 Bridge or Can Opener Bridge) peeling back the roof of a truck like a can of sardines and stopping the vehicle. You may (or may not) recall the bridge was raised another 8 inches back in October of 2019, making it the 11-Foot-8+8 Bridge, or 12-Foot-4 Bridge. You’d think the traffic light turning and ‘OVERHEIGHT MUST TURN’ sign would have made this guy think twice before barreling underneath it. Nope! Like me *popping handful of Totino’s Pizza Rolls straight out of the oven into mouth* I’m not even sure he thought once.

Keep going for the video, which includes two different angles of the crash.