Now that is one sweet loop-de-loop!
POV Footage Of Hot Wheels Traveling Down A 3-Story Track

In ‘I’ll just make my family watch this on the living room TV and save myself a trip to an amusement park’ news, this is a POV video of a Hot Wheels car traveling down a very impressively built track that spans 290-feet down three stories of a home. Similar to Rome, the whole thing took nine days to build, but Godzilla could easily lay waste to it in a matter of seconds. Speaking of — you know Godzilla’s atomic breath? I had a marketing professor in college whose breath was even worse. I went up to ask her a question during an exam and she leaned in real close so nobody could hear what she was saying and even I don’t remember what she said because the moment she opened her mouth I forgot everything. “Like she’d eaten a bag of shit for lunch?” You had her too?!