You missed a spot. Most of them actually.
Problem Solving: Pulling Lawn Mower Behind Car To Mow Lot

This is a very short video from– “Let me guess, Florida.” Haha, nine out of ten times absolutely, but not today. This is a video from Lakeside, Texas of a Mercedes SUV towing a push lawnmower behind it (effectively making it a pull mower) to do what will unquestionably be a very poor job cutting the grass in am empty lot. Some more info from the person filming:

“I was riding in the car with my mother in law and we saw this guy pulling his push-mower with his car. It was 100 degrees in Texas that day, so not a bad idea. The two voices you hear speaking are my mother in law and my husband on the phone with each other.”

Hahaha, “It was 100 degrees in Texas that day, so not a bad idea.” But I think we can agree it wasn’t a good idea either. A good idea would have been paying somebody to properly mow the lot for you. Unless — UNLESS — this IS the person that was hired, in which case I have to admire their unique brand of lackadaisical entrepreneurial spirit.