My dogs would have been crying at the door before it even started raining.
Rain Angel!: Dog That Fell Asleep In Rain Leaves Perfect Outline On Pavement

This is a short video of an Akita Inu who fell asleep in the rain and left a perfectly dry outline of himself when he woke up. Damn, he didn’t budge an inch while he was asleep! My dogs? They like to kick in their sleep. Specifically, me. I like to pretend it’s so they know I’m still there and didn’t abandon them in the middle of the night, but not so deep down I know it’s payback for not giving them any of my late-night sandwich.

@harutopetphotography He also did that mess with the toys 😭 #akitainu #funnydog #dogsoftiktok #cute #dograin ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel