Jesus take the wheel indeed.
Nailed It: SUV Reverses Hard Into Parked Car

Because reverse can be tricky for some people, this is a video of some numbnut in an old Isuzu Rodeo backing up hard into a parked Nissan Xterra, and if this had happened when I was in high school every dude would be wincing right now at their dream car getting wrecked. As far as doing it wrong goes, they couldn’t have done it much wronger. Maybe their transmission is shot and they can’t put it into gear without bouncing off something first? You can see the driver take their seatbelt off after pulling away, but do you think they actually stopped to inspect the damage and leave a note? It would be the right thing to do. Of course if I’ve learned anything from my time on this doomed planet, it’s people have an incredibly hard time doing the right thing when the human shitbag thing comes so naturally. I’d like to think I’m wrong. I mean I’m not, but I’d like to think I am.