Mmmm, just keep that marinara flowing.
Spaghetti Ice Cream: Extruded Gelato Topped With Strawberry Sauce ‘Marinara’

This is a Great Big Story video about Dario Fontanella and his German gelato shop, Eis Fontanella Eismanufaktur Mannheim, where he invented Spaghettieis, which consist of extruded vanilla gelato mimicking spaghetti noodles, topped with a strawberry sauce ‘marinara’ and white chocolate ‘parmesan’ shavings. And, I think I speak for everyone else here who has grown up to develop some dairy trouble when I say the painful time spent in the bathroom later will be worth it. “But I thought you were the King of Chocolate Milk?” Oh I most certainly am. “But also the Duke of Diarrhea?” I wear many crowns.