"This is an intergalactic emergency."
Stray Cat With Fishbowl Stuck On Head Is Caught, Named Buzz Lightyear

After a 6-month old stray cat was spotted wandering around Fall River, Massachusetts with a small fishbowl (actually a plastic ceiling light cover) stuck on its head, Fall River Animal Control was called, who worked with the Animal Rescue League of Boston to capture the cat and remove the bowl, appropriately naming the cat Buzz Lightyear afterward. You’ve gotta be careful out there, cats — curiosity: it’ll getcha.

Upon arrival, the kitten was seen wandering along the roadway, and while it took a bit of time, Buzz was eventually captured by use of a drop trap.

Although she could not smell with the jar on her head, the agent used food to lure two of Buzz’s siblings into the trap and out of curiosity, she followed.

After removing the glass “helmet,” vets confirmed that Buzz is healthy and then vaccinated and spayed her. She’ll soon be available for adoption.

Oh man, I would totally adopt Buzz. Could you imagine a cat that’s already a fan of playing space rangers? Like I wouldn’t even have to make her wear the little astronaut costume, she’d probably want to. *picking up cat and blasting her off to the very top of the cat tree* To infinity and beyoooond! Yeah I need this cat in my life.


— Inside Edition (@InsideEdition) October 12, 2022