SunnyD Releasing Alcoholic Version Of Beverage

Because what kid who grew up in the late 80’s/early 90’s doesn’t have at least a functional drinking problem by now, SunnyD has announced an alcoholic seltzer version of its nasty orange flavored drink. Me? I never liked SunnyD (I thought the D was for disgusting) growing up, I just drank orange juice. SunnyD tastes chemically to me, presumably because it is chemicals and less than 2% juice. And now the company is under fire for the new product, presumably because some parents are convinced it’s just one small step for the kids in a SunnyD commercial to go from playing basketball and raiding the fridge to pounding hard seltzers in their treehouse. Did these parents also complain about Hard MTN DEW? Probably. Do they spend as much time positively involved in their children’s lives as they do complaining on the internet? That’s debatable.