What is this, a flash mob dance party?
Tesla Teases Its Updated AI Powered Humanoid Robots

This is a video highlighting the latest interation of the Tesla Bot, a 5’8″, 125-pound humanoid robot developed by the electric car giant. The robots are powered by the same AI as the driver assistance programming found in Tesla vehicles. Currently, the bots are capable of roaming untethered to explore and memorize their surroundings, manipulate objects, and lift up to 45-pounds. The “ultimate goal is for Tesla Bot to handle dangerous, repetitive and boring tasks like providing manufacturing assistance in factories.” That’s respectable, but these things still have a long way to go to catch up with those robot from Boston Dynamics. Those things are like Terminators compared to these. Boston Dynamics’ Atlas is doing flips and throwing heavy tool bags, these look like they’re terrified to even walk. And I don’t blame them, I could take ten of these in a fight at the same time, easy.