Wait -- where are their beers?!
The Most Exciting 61 Seconds In The World Of Darts

This is allegedly the most exciting 61 seconds the world of darts has ever seen, which took place between Michael Smith and Michael van Gerwenat at the’23 World Darts Championship. In the video, both players throw flawlessly in a game of 501 (throwing 7 triple 20s, a single triple 19, and ending with a double 12) until van Gerwenat misses his final double 12 finish, and Smith makes his to clinch victory. Admittedly, that was pretty exciting. But the MOST exciting in darts? I would argue the time I saw a player at the bar try to catch a dropped dart between his legs and stab the tip right into an artery should have at least been considered. I mean that was pretty exciting too, and there’s still blood on the ceiling.