To infinity and beyond!
Timelapse Of James Webb Space Telescope Passing In Front of Orion’s Belt

This is a beautiful and well-edited timelapse video captured by amateur astronomer and Youtuber k2qogir featuring the James Webb Space Telescope passing in front of Alnilam, the middle and brightest star in Orion’s Belt, part of a nebula some 2,000 light years away. In k2gogir’s own words while I pound some DayQuil:

I was very lucky to capture JWST in a special period of time, that it was flying past a giant nebula near Alnilam, I believe this is a sight to be seen once in a lifetime. I feel very humbled and emotional watching the small dot flying away, carrying our hope and curiosity, into the dark and cold, yet magnificent universe, so I decide to make a video, in hope of sharing the feelings with more people.

It really is pretty humbling to watch remembering we sent that tiny little speck out there, and that Alnilam, the blue supergiant star seen in the video, is somewhere between 275,000 to 832,000 times as luminous as the Sun, and around 40 times more massive. We’re all just…so small. I mean except me, especially my penis. Orion’s Belt wouldn’t even be able to contain this mammer jammer.