So that's why my power went out.
Transformer Blows In Spectacular Fashion

This is a video of a transformer atop a telephone pole giving up the ghost in a truly spectacular fashion. It’s like a pyrotechnics show. According to people in the Reddit comments, this is likely the result “of the secondary wires shorting out in the conduits attached to the cross arms,” and the fuses not blowing because they’re rated well above the transformer’s use. No clue what any of that means. Not that you care, when you read the post title you were probably expecting an Autobots orgy anyways.

Ive Seen a Lot of Transformers Blow Up, But Never Saw Anything Like This.
byu/BlueBucketMaple ininterestingasfuck

Thanks to my dad, who agrees if you’re going to go out, go out IN STYLE.