Run for it!
Video Of Animals Crossing Utah Highway Using ‘Wildlife Overpass’

Because nature is often an afterthought in humanity’s race towards progress, this is a video from the recently constructed (2018) Parleys Canyon Wildlife Overpass above Interstate 80 in Utah that allows animals to safely cross six lanes of traffic without getting flattened. The overpass, which is 320-feet long and 50-feet wide (the state’s largest), is covered with rocks and logs to make it more natural to animals, which are funneled to the bridge via three and a half miles of fencing. Obviously, this would probably be a good place to ambush prey if you’re a bobcat. Wait — ARE you a bobcat? “No.” That’s exactly what a bobcat would say. In the video you can see a variety of animals using the bridge, including deer, elk, moose, beavers, squirrels, other small mouse-like things, coyotes, a bear, and at least one bobcat, who you probably know because you are one. “I’m not a bobcat.” Pfft, I’ve seen the look you get when you’re thinking about eating me.

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