Transform and rainbow blast out!
Two Toy Cars That Instantly Transform Into A Unicorn When They Make Contact

These are a couple videos of the Hello CARBOT Unity Series Mirinae Prime toys from South Korea (not Japan like it claims in the first video). When the the cars make contact they instantly transform into a unicorn. That’s pretty cool. I located the toys both on Amazon and eBay going for around $45 (including shipping, a lot of the shipping on eBay is coming from South Korea), which seems pretty expensive for what they actually are, but I put them on my Christmas list anyways. “But what does Optimus Prime think of them?” He said he broke the garage door with his boner.

Keep going for a couple videos, the second of which is a kid reviewing the toy and putting it through its paces a bunch, which makes it look like a good transformation is more the exception and not the rule.

Thanks to my buddy Dave L, who agrees when we were kids we had to do all transforming ourselves.