Somebody deserves a good eater award!
Woman Eats 5,500-Calorie Tower Of Chicken And Waffles In 5 Minutes, Makes It Look Easy

Because dream it and you can achieve it (no matter how many calories), this is a video of 26-year old New Zealand med student and competitive eater Nela Zisser crushing a 5,500 calories stack of chicken and waffles (ten pieces of chicken, six waffles, a good amount of maple syrup) in under five minutes. For reference, I’m just happy if I can stuff two Eggos in my mouth before a family member steals them. “Just like in the commercials!” Mhmm! They based those on my real life experiences.

Be sure to check out Nela’s Youtube channel if you want to see more incredible feats of eating, but I also included a video of her eating 2kg (~4.4 pounds, 10,000 calories) of Nutella in 13 minutes to whet your appetite.