Nuts for days!
Woodpeckers Stash Over 700 Pounds Of Acorns In California Home’s Wall

These are several shots and a video of the removal of 700 pounds of acorns that a pair of acorn woodpecker stashed in the wall of a Santa Rosa, California home. Nick Castro of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control was actually inspecting for mealworms when he discovered the nut hoard, and was tasked with preventing the birds from making any more deposits. He says the acorn stash, which he estimated was two or three years worth of savings, filled up 8 garbage bags and weighed over 700 pounds. Damn that’s a lot of nuts! Still, I can’t help but feel like these birds should be compensated for their loss. I mean at least dump all the acorns back in the yard. How would you like it if someone came along and stole your whole retirement? I’d be pissed. I mean I don’t have any retirement, but if I did I’d be pissed for sure.

Thanks to my dad, who agrees that was an impressive stash.