And they said it couldn't be done.
13-Year Old Becomes First To Beat Tetris On The NES

34 years after the game’s debut, the original Tetris for the NES has officially been “beat” by a human (it was previously only beat by AI), with 13-year old Blue Scuti breaking the game (it reaches a freezing killscreen) during a semi-finals match of the 2023 Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC). Blue also took home three world records as a result, including highest level reached (157), highest score (6,850,560), and most lines completed (1,511). Damn! And I thought I was hot potatoes for making it to level 9. I guess it’s time I blow off the old cartridge and get back to work. And by get back to work, I mean the exact opposite of working, just to be clear. I’m talking about laying around and gaming, probably with an afternoon nap.