Obviously you're not a golfer.
240MPH Bowling Ball Cannon Vs Ballistics Dummy

Note: Keep your volume in check, bowling ball cannon.

Because some people have all the fun (leaving nothing but weekend crumbs for the rest of us), this is a video from the Ballistic High-Speed Youtube channel of a bowling ball cannon, capable of launching balls at up to 400ft/second. Over the line! First they use it to destroy some bowling pins, before turning the cannon on a realistic ballistics dummy, complete with skeleton and blood and guts. PROTIP: Try to avoid being hit by a bowling ball cannon at all costs, because it does not end well for that dummy. And, if I’m being completely honest, I have the feeling things aren’t going to end that well for this dummy either. “You’re talking about yourself.” I’m rarely not, I’m the center of my own sad little universe.

Keep going for the video, but the really good stuff starts at 8:00.