Just looking at it you can tell this is a brilliant idea.
Adding Four Mini Circular Saw Blades To An Angle Grinder

Because dangerous ideas come in all shapes and sizes (and, more often than not, just my size), this is a video of the Finnish duo of Youtube channel Beyond The Press constructing an angle grinder disc with four smaller circular saw blades attached. Then they use it to attempt to cut a gourd and 4 x 4. The video came with a big warning at the beginning to not try this at home, but who watches the beginning of videos? I skipped right to the good stuff, which is around 8:25. So, if you were expecting that to prevent me from cutting off any fingers this weekend, just like my girlfriend said to all the party guests who saw me come down the stairs naked after a shower, “I’m sorry, but you were eight and a half minutes too early.”