What...the hell are you?
Awkward Bugs Taking Flight In Ultra Slow-Motion

This is a video of Youtuber Ant Lab’s quest to capture different insects taking flight in 3,200 frames/second ultra-slow motion. Featured in the video are eleven different species of insects spanning five different taxonomic orders. Timestamps while I eat the Totino’s Pizza Rolls I didn’t finish last night for breakfast because I just spotted them on a plate on the coffee table and I’m not a waster:

00:00 – weevils
01:44 – katydids
03:02 – bark lice
04:00 – march fly
04:59 – assassin bug
06:02 – katydid

Which was your favorite? I think they weevils were mine. They’re just so…awkward. Like they 100% look like they shouldn’t be flying, but they do it anyways. Kind of like old people and driving.