"Hey McFly you bojo, those boards don't work on water!" "UNLESS YOU'VE GOT POWERRR."
Officially Licensed Back To The Future II Hoverboard Doormat

Because who doesn’t want to pretend they’re stepping into the future when they get home instead of a cheap apartment with an ongoing roach problem, this is the $25 officially licensed Back To The Future II hoverboard doormat available from Firebox. Now granted I haven’t seen the movie in a few months, but I’m not sure they got the proportions quite right. I feel like it should be fatter. It’s crazy how when Back To The Future II came out in 1989 that everyone thought we’d really have hoverboards by 2015 because it was so far away. Now it’s five years in the past and we’re still nowhere near hoverboards. “It’s embarrassing.” I’m ashamed to show my face when I time travel to the future.