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Beatbox Champion Performs Impressive Super Mario Remix Medley

This is a video of World Beatbox Champion SO-SO performing a medley of Super Mario song remixes entirely with beatboxing and vocal performance. There is no additional instrumentation or sound effects, it’s all SO-SO. It’s actually way better than so-so though, it’s amazing.

The songs he covered were Super Mario Bros (UK Garage Remix), Underground (HIPHOP Remix), Mario Circuit (Trance Remix), Luigi’s Mansion (Midtempo Bass Remix), Jungle Level (Reggaeton Remix), Water Land (Future Bass Remix), and Super Star (Drum’n’bass Remix).

I wish I was better at beatboxing. I can’t even produce a convincing fart to embarrass people at parties. And if I can’t do that, can I even call myself a good host? And the answer, of course, is yes, I can call myself anything. It’s getting everyone else to call me DragonLord that’s tricky.