Bicyclists Attempt To Ride Rainbow Road On Hard Mode

This is a video of numerous bicyclists attempting to complete Rainbow Road on hard difficulty, which appears to include a heavy wind element. Damn, I thought Rainbow Road was already hard enough without constantly getting blown off the track. Full disclosure: I’ve always sucked at Mario Kart except for battle mode (which I rule at). I know, I know, you’d assume I’d be great at it like so many other things in life, but no, I can barely finish a lap without getting turned around and pissed off. My girlfriend always wants to settle disputes by racing in Mario Kart 64, but I always want to settle disputes by getting the last word in then plugging my ears and stomping out of the room. I’m a catch.



♬ original sound – pippa2$$2

Thanks again to JustA, who I’m sure would agree we hardly ever dispute anymore anyways. And when we do, she’s right. I mean she’s not, but that’s what I tell her to end it.