Tasmanian Devil, I choose you!
Comparing Pokemon To Real Animals That Weigh The Same

This is a 3D visualization created by Popular Science comparing the weights of Pokemon to real animals that weigh the same to give a better sense of their heft. Some more info to prove somebody actually spent time thinking about this:

If Pokémon existed in the wild, which animals would be in their weight class? We used the Pokédex to find the exact weights of 11 of our favorite Pokémon, and then we matched them up in a 3D comparison with animals that share the same weights.

Pokémon size doesn’t factor in to the calculations — it’s all about their weights and how the animals would match up to them in nature. What would happen to a Pokemon in real life if it came across its counterpart? Would Pikachu and a Sphynx cat be friends, and if not… who would win in battle?

This is definitely the most important video you’ll watch all day, and, unless there’s live footage of an alien invasion in the coming weeks, probably all month. I mean this is what the internet was made for. “I thought it was so you could sell homemade boner pills to strangers online.” Hey, they work. You should read my reviews. “This one says something about heart palpitations and ends mid-sentence.” Not that one, dude clearly wasn’t ready for the heat.