♬ To everything (turn, turn, turn) there is a season (turn, turn, turn) ♬
Demonstration Of Driveway Turntable So You Don’t Have To Reverse Onto Busy Street

This is a video demonstration of a driveway turntable (aka car turntable), designed to be able to turn a car 180-degrees so you can pull forward into and out of a driveway with no need to reverse onto the street. The car turntable was inspired by railroad turntables, which were first seen in 1839, and architect Frank Lloyd Wright even designed and implemented several in the homes he built as early as 1922. So they aren’t new, but they are handy. At least until your significant other fails to park with the rear wheels on the turntable and drags the car into the side of the garage. Then it becomes much less handy and much more of a Farmers Insurance commercial starring J. K. Simmons.