Looks toasty.
Drone Footage Of Newly Active Volcanic Fissure In Iceland

Captured by drone pilot Ísak Finnbogason in his Icelandic homeland, this is some aerial footage of a newly active Litli-Hrútur volcano fissure spewing molten lava. Liquid rock, that’s nuts. Some details from Isak:

Some things cant be put in words, mind blown at the first day of the new volcano eruption here in Iceland

After an 11-month slumber, the Fagradalsfjall Volcano system awakens again. Keep in mind that the eruption site is not a safe area! New erupting fissures and craters can open up anywhere without any notice.

Did you hear that, Frodo? It’s not a safe area, so you should use caution when approaching the fissure to dispose of the One Ring. Just a heads up. Also, if I could be considered a full-fledged member of the Fellowship Of The Ring for that protip, I do think I deserve it.