Say your goodbyes, toilet!
Fire In The Hole!: A Plush Mario Bob-omb Toilet Paper Holder

You know what your bathroom needs? A plush Bob-omb toilet paper holder! “I don’t know about that.” I WILL RIP DOWN YOUR SHOWER CURTAIN ROD AND BREAK YOUR TOILET TANK WITH IT. Lol, two pots of coffee already. This is the ~$27 Bob-omb Toilet Paper Holder. The end of the toilet paper coming out the top of his head looks like a wick. Just how freely can you pull that toilet paper out though, because I live a life of constant bathroom emergencies. As Technabob pointed out, I think this might be more practical as a decorative spare toilet paper holder than your primary roll holder. Plus, you know, it’s plush. Plush doesn’t really have a place in bathrooms except for towels and bath mats. Because I grew up with a best friend whose entire bathroom was carpeted. I didn’t even feel comfortable walking in there barefoot, so I would always try to pee from the doorway, which, now that I think about it, was probably just contributing to the problem. *shrug* Not my bathroom.