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Gravity Industries Holds First Jet Suit Race In Dubai

As a means of marketing their jet suits, Gravity Industries recently held the world’s first jet suit races in Dubai. Eight competitors competed two at a time in roughly 60-second races around 12 pylons set up in the water, with the five fastest advancing to the finals. Racers reached speeds up to 85MPH, and at least one found himself taking an unintentional swim (that race starts at 10:40). If you only watch one part of the video though just watch the final race at 32:20 (video SHOULD autoplay there). It’s pretty crazy to see. Still, I’m holding out for a jetpack with more than 5 minutes of flight. I figure I need at least 20 minutes of flight time. You know, for foreplay and all. “Um, what?” Don’t act like you’ve never dreamed of making love like a falcon.