Lego my pizza!
Guy Builds LEGO Assembly Line That Adds All The Ingredients To A Pizza

This is a video released by LEGO and pizza lover The Brick Wall to celebrate five years on Youtube by presenting his latest creation: a LEGO assembly line capable of putting uniform amounts of sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and peppers (or any other small ingredient) on an uncooked pizza. Unfortunately it does not do any cooking, so unless you like your pizza raw, you’ll also need an oven (it can also cut the pizza after it’s cooked). Me? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve eaten a Red Baron or Tombstone pizza straight from the freezer. It is high enough to be ashamed though, which is why I’m not giving a number. Alternatively, just leave your pizza’s construction to a real Italian pizza professional. “You’re talking about yourself? The guy who just admitted to eating frozen pizzas.” Waffles too. But yes, I’m Italian. *twists ends of authentic Italian mustache, immediately starts kneading dough without washing hands, tosses straight into ceiling fan* Half Italian.