Hormel Giving Away Bacon-Scented Face Masks

Because what kind of company are you if you can’t use a pandemic to promote your product, Hormel is giving away Black Label Bacon scented face masks. You can enter the contest HERE if you want to receive weekly email reminders to eat Hormel food products despite thinking you opted out of them. To Hormel’s credit though, they are donating a meal to Feeding America for every entry up to 10,000 (which I assume they’ve already reached). Will the mask’s bacony scent stand up to routine washing? I have no clue. Still, it probably is the face mask most likely to be worn over a person’s nose instead of under it. It is also the face mask most likely to be found being extruded from a dog’s anus. *shaking head* Dammit, Ellie!

Keep going for a video.