Fire in the hole!
Holy Smokes: Explosive Hydroforming Giant Metal Spheres

This is a video example of giant steel spheres being hydroformed with explosives. What the hell is explosive hydroforming? I’m glad you asked, but I’m even more glad the Youtube video description provided an explanation:

Explosive hydroforming, also known as HERF (High Energy Rate Forming) or exploform, is a striking alternative to the more traditional process of metal hydroforming. Unlike this older method, which shapes metal using pressurized hydraulic fluid pumped into a forming chamber, HERF techniques utilize an explosive charge to create the necessary pressure. Although the charge is relatively small, it is capable of generating enough force to mold the associated metal into the die.

The explosive charge is typically positioned at a specific distance from the workpiece, and both are immersed in fluid, usually hydraulic fluid or simple water. Certain facilities may also use oil, gelatin, liquid salts, or regular air as the transmission medium. However, water is the most commonly used medium as it is the least expensive, excellent for creating uniform peak pressure, and readily available. Once the charge and workpiece are properly positioned, the charge is detonated, pressing the workpiece into a die. The part is then removed and the process is repeated if necessary.

Fascinating. Granted I didn’t really understand any of that, but any job you can accomplish with explosives, I’m into. As a matter of fact I can’t even count the number of problems I’ve solved with explosions. Ooh, like the time *immediately sees lawyer’s number show up on caller ID* actually this doesn’t remind me of any time at all.