You did it. You crazy son of a bitch you did it.
How To: Extinguish Your Birthday Candles Without Spitting All Over The Cake

This is a video of Youtuber Vindog Unleashed’s father demonstrating his technique for extinguishing his birthday candles (it looks like he’s turning three) without blowing spittle all over the cake and potentially spreading germs to anybody who has a slice. The video is from 2016 (even though it looks like it’s from ’96), but all the more pertinent now in the age of coronavirus. I have it on good authority your wish won’t come true unless you actually blow the candles out aside, basically he firmly waves his hand at the candles. Obviously, this technique works even better if you accidentally slap the whole cake off the table and onto the floor, then your nephew starts crying because it was his birthday and you just ruined it trying to show him how to air-slap his candles out.