Hoho, not so fast!
Ice Cream Vendor Shows Off his Skills In The Longest Game Of Ice Cream Keepaway

This is a video from Istanbul, Turkey of ice cream vendor Zekeriya demonstrating his skill at frustrating patrons by repeatedly tricking a man who came for ice cream from receiving said ice cream. In the man’s own words, who, yes, did hold a GoPro in his mouth for this video like a weirdo:

“While I was in Istanbul, I saw intricate games the ice cream vendors would play with their customers. I thought it would be an interesting perspective to get a first-person point of view of the action so I stuck a GoPro in my mouth and filmed the whole experience in real-time.
While I was filing the video Zekeriya (the ice cream vendor) was supposed to serve me two scoops of his favorite flavor. Instead, he proceeded to play games with me by making me reach for the ice cream then promptly pulling it away so I could never quite get away with it. As I continued to try to reach for the refreshing treat I was so patiently waiting for, he pulled out one trick after another to keep me from my ice cream. On the one hand, it was a bit frustrating, but on the other hand, it was quite amusing. After some back and forth, I finally got my ice cream, shook the man’s hand and enjoyed my delicious treat as my friends and I shared a laugh together while strolling the busy streets of Taksim.”

Man, that was an intense game of keepaway. For a while there I wasn’t sure if this guy was going to have to walk away without any ice cream. And my mom KNOWS how I feel about walking away without any ice cream. “He throws a tantrum in the checkout line and everyone turns to watch what an insufferable monster he’s being.” I love ice cream and have no shame, that’s how I can do it.