But can it support a 190-pound man all the way to the corner store?
Hyundai’s Robotic Self-Leveling Mobile Platform For Transportation

This is a sizzle reel (think fajitas at Chili’s) for Hyundai Motor Group’s new Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED), a flat robotic platform on wheels that uses smart suspension and “eccentric wheel drive” powered by three motors in each wheel to keep its payload stabilized no matter the terrain. Some more info while I take it easy because, yes, I did pass out having blood drawn today almost immediately after bragging to the phlebotomist that I’m a big boy now and don’t do that anymore:

The intelligent design arrangement of each wheel featuring an individual power and steering control system enables in-place rotation and omnidirectional movement, which allows for highly effective mobility even in narrow situations. The eccentric mechanism-based posture control system also stabilizes the body attitude by adjusting the height of each wheel according to the ground environment. The MobED’s 12-inch pneumatic tires further help to absorb bumps and vibrations.

The practical applications of such a stable platform are practically limitless! Like finally having a mobile champagne tower for the times you can’t decide if you want to cheers your latest business deal in the formal dining room or outside under the veranda. Robot — bring the bubbly outside. Now I’ll finally be able to fire my butler. Hey Alfred (his name’s actually Dave but I call him Alfred for Batman reasons) — you’re fired! “Who are you talking to?” Oh…just my imagination, dear.