Kids these days.
Kid Attempting Deck Demolition Hits Himself In The Head With Hammer

Because demolition isn’t for everyone, this is a video of two boys attempting to remove the railing of an old deck when one boy loses his hammer and gets hit in the head with the handle. Luckily for him, it wasn’t the business end of the hammer. Still, I’m not sure what they were expecting using the wrong tools for the job. Using the wrong tool is the number one cause of injuries. They should have been using a crowbar and 36″ sledgehammer, or, in my own professional opinion, homemade explosives pieced together from fireworks.

Keep going for the original video, as well as one with a cartoon BONK! sound effect added, because this IS the internet, after all.

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Thanks to JustA, who agrees by the way she laughs, his mom likely won’t be paying workers’ comp.