*out of breath jogging* Just five more minutes.
Man Builds Miniature Treadmills For His Hamsters

Shedding a few pounds: probably not the best idea if you’re only a 4-ounce hamster. But maybe you’re me. Maybe the face my doctor makes when he sees me says it all. But enough about that quack, this is a video of Youtuber The Q building custom hamster-sized treadmills for his three pet hamsters using nothing more than plywood, pvc pipes, a dc motor, battery, bearings and a switch. Easy! Almost as easy as ordering a treadmill online like I did. Now getting on it and running — that’s the tricky part. Especially considering how much more fun it is to use to speed-eat M&Ms or Skittles. My point is I’m actually using my treadmill to do more harm than good.