I particularly like his little 'Huzzah!' finger pointing after a successful stack.
Man Demonstrates His Incredible Ability To Balance Things

Because everybody needs a hobby and a hobby that doesn’t cost anything is ideal, these are several videos of cool, calm, and collected Aleksei Shlega demonstrating his ability to balance random objects on top of one another, creating precarious sculptures in the process. Man, his hands must be STEADY. My hands? Let’s just say I could never be a surgeon. And not just because of the easy access to all those drugs, but partially. Also because my hands are complete garbage. I mean it’s already hard enough to type these articles without pushing a bunch of keys I don’t want to. But enough about my penis having a mind of its own I AM THE GREATEST!!1 dammit, see what I mean?

Keep going for balancing beer mugs, rocks, wine glasses, clothes irons, guitars and more.