That's called living the dream.
Man Sings ‘Country Roads’ To His Attentive Donkeys

This is a video from Instagram user mrdonkers (great name) of a man sitting in a sofa chair in a field singing John Denver’s West Virginia classic ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ to a group of very attentive donkeys. Except the one facing the other way in the back — I imagine it’s running the merch table for this concert. Now, as someone who was born and bred in West Virginia, that song gets me every time. Have I ever told you I was born in the same hospital by the same doctor as my dad? Because that’s true. I was one of two babies in the hospital at the time. But that’s not what I came to talk about, I came to talk about what you call a group of donkeys. “A great time.” Heck yeah, let’s buy a farm and get some!