Wait -- a dog that listens? Those exist?!
Man Uses Security Cam To Tell His Escaped, Barking Dog To Get Back In The House

In what I can only assume is a viral marketing campaign for Ring products, this is a video of a man using the company’s Spotlight Cam with integrated speaker to tell his escaped, barking dog Sadie to return to the house. Not bad. Now if he could have just gotten her to close the gate behind her that really would have been something, because as it stands I can only assume Sadie was back out barking in the driveway in a matter of minutes. For reference, my dogs don’t even listen to me in person, so there’s no way they’d listen to my disembodied voice over a loudspeaker. Not that they would have even stuck around to hear it, they’d already be down the street pooping in Ms. Willoughby’s flower beds and getting my uninvited to her annual spring garden party. Not that I would have gone anyways *holding back tears* it’s just really nice to be invited, you know?