Mortician Rates The Realism Of Corpses In Movies

This is a video of Caitlin Doughty of Ask A Mortician discussing and rating the realism of corpses seen in films. Obviously, the most realistic depiction of a corpse in film has been and always will be Bernie in Weekend At Bernie’s. To this day I’m still not convinced that wasn’t a corpse. Sure Caitlin says Bernie was simultaneously too floppy in some body parts (arms and legs) and stiff in others (neck, pervert) and only gives him 2 out of 10 tombstones for realism, but everyone has their own professional opinion, including complete unprofessionals like myself. MY FACEBOOK FRIENDS WILL HEAR ABOUT THIS. The second half of the video (beginning around 13:15) is Caitlin visiting a man who’s developed a method of incorporating a person’s cremated remains into animal feed blocks (which isn’t legal everywhere) for those who want to give their body back to nature, or, presumably, dispose of evidence. “I did it first.” Hoho — Carole Baskin everybody!