The Car Talk guys could have solved every one of these.
“My Car Sounds Like…”: A Compilation Of Malfunctioning Vehicles Making Animal And Other Sounds

This is Part II (Part I can be found HERE) of Youtube channel Just Rolled In’s “My Car Sounds Like” series, featuring malfunctioning vehicles whose owners or mechanics have likened the sound the car makes to something else. Highlights include Rick Flair, a Star Wars Speeder Bike, Chewbacca (how could he not make an appearance?), and a bunch of animals. A list of timestamps with descriptions:

0:05 Ric Flair. Blown turbo.
0:17 Star Wars Speeder. The customer declined further diagnosis but the technician thinks the noise was coming from the pinion bearing on the rear differential.
0:31 Chewbacca. The mechanic didn’t mention what caused the noise.
0:37 COW. The technician who shared the clip said he filmed this a long time ago and can’t remember the exact fault.
0:44 Turkey. An issue with CVT transmission. Repairs were declined.
0:59 Baby Seal. Electric motors for power running boards cause the noise.
01:07 Ferret. Loose plastic dust cover on CV axle.
1:15 Elk. Damaged electric power steering rack.
1:27 Whale from Sea World.
1:40 Intro to Van Halen song. Blend door actuator.
1:49 Marching Band.
1:59 Violin finding key.
2:10 Windows sounds like a machine gun. The technician didn’t say what caused the noise.
2:19 Sounds like his wife. The technician didn’t say what caused the noise.
2:25 Morse code. Morse code or dot matrix printer?
2:34 Sounds like a video game. The noise was caused by window tint film.
2:42 Sounds like the Super Mario jump sound effect. The technician didn’t say what caused the noise.

Which was your favorite? I liked the cow and baby seal. Those were SPOT ON, and if I’d been the mechanic working on them I would have confidently told the owners there was an actual cow or seal stuck in their vehicle, then charge them $4,000 to get it out but really just emptied two cans of WD-40 onto everything.