TO THE VAULT! -- Gomez Addams
Octopus Tackles 9 Part Obstacle Course To Reach Shrimp Vault

This is a video from Mark Rober of his brief pet octopus Sashimi making her way through an increasingly difficult 9-part obstacle course/maze in order to reach the vault at its center, containing all her favorite shrimpy food. Octopuses not only have a central brain, but 2/3s of their neurons are in their legs, the equivalent of having 8 independent mini brains, making them “as incomprehensible as alien intelligence to us.” See? I knew they were aliens! Sashimi has to rely on her agility and intelligence to make her way through the obstacle course, which she passes with flying colors before Mark returns her to the beach where she was originally found. Happy endings! And thankfully not an 8-tentacled hentai happy ending like you were probably hoping for, pervert.